Black is the Future


Reclaiming our Roots 
A way to share our studies with people searching for answers
A way to examine the world with a focus on the experiences of people of African Descent
And a way to discuss how we feel the pulse of Africa, on the continent and throughout the diaspora, each one of us are a part of many 

“use knowledge and skills to serve the people by ensuring for justice, caring for the vulnerable and the environment, respecting people as bearers of dignity and divinity and working for future generations “  (2010, Maulana KarengaPeople should speak truth, do justice, be kind to each other, and struggle for good in the world 

Our goal here is to help better understand how we move forward to collective liberation
what paths we take now can be made clear from the strategies that have already been tried 
In order to make drastic change, we have to be willing to be the radical change
Repeating what has already done will only keep us in a cyclical pattern
Lets be the change we want to see by continuing the things that worked and by creating new innovations for the challenges our predecessors weren’t able to address. 
We hope to create an interactive community, so feel free to share the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years 

- Ask questions
- Answer questions

We have more of a wealth of knowledge as a collective community than as individual people
this is your non-school, distant learning guide to social movements within a black studies framework. We are encouraging true reflections of Multicultural Black Histories. As we work to end the focus on the Eurocentric Curriculums being taught in schools. 

This month We use the articles that already exist around the world to give young black people a central location to interact with the stories of our collective history. 

We, like so many others, are not provided the tools necessary to discover our own histories. We have to resort to discovering on our own because of the eurocentrism and myths propagated in our school curriculums. These are the quarrels of our past and present. Nonetheless, despite all adversities, we must all work to ensure that an understanding of our history will not be a conflict of our future. With a continued self determination & knowledge of self, we can encourage contemporary innovation & creation. The celebration of our #BlackFuturesMonth must continue to be an important point of discussion as we move forward in time.
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